100 redThe best way in the world

This is a very simple application that operates much like a compass pointing you towards the best way in the world for you. We guarantee this will work on 89% of the general populous and the application learns from you and improves with time. 60 minutes a month are free and then there is a charge.


Salvation applications with payback

100 blueThe Humanity salvation


This is run by our charitable arm and is given away free to all. This will give you a percentage rating from 0% (extinction) to 100% (salvation) for the current task you are engaged with. Our best predictive modelling suggests we have operational accuracy up to 2000 years ahead currently. This will pay back into your account allowing you to commune for free. The higher your salvation rating the greater the payback you receive.

100 greenThe Biodiversity

This allows those of you who don’t 100% believe your god has mother nature’s best interests at heart to accurately keep an eye on your impact on biodiversity. Due to popular demand we have added the Moinbot button, you can override to your desired level and increase biodiversity with this rewilding feature. You will notice a substantial drop in your life pleasure but many people report the sense of well-being from this activity far out ways any temporary material losses suffered.

100 greyThe Equality Legacy

This was our first app and the simplest algorithm, this started our God talker project. This app simply shows you if you are making society more equal or not. We are confidant that all our newer apps make society more equal so you should not need to use this app other than for interests sake.

God Talking Applications

100px-Sun_symbol.svgThe god talker

Using our patented algorithm which blends relativity with quantum physics, we guarantee the most secure connection to your god beyond the event horizon. We are able to offer you a smooth secure and safe commune. Our god talker app offer 60 minutes of commune a month free, beyond this we operate a chargeable service which is both time and distance bound so rates may vary.

100 yellowThe God Talker premium


This app gives you the all in appeal many long for. You can always locate your best way in the world and you can schedule how often you desire to commune at a god talker station this can be programmed seamlessly into your daily routine. Also you  may use the extinction percentage to overlay your best way against our long-term salvation for humanity and the planet. We highly recommend nothing below 50% on this setting, we automatically set this to 80%* and most people should not notice a difference in their life pleasure because of this.

It is notable that by using the salvation applications diligently you can acquire enough credit to use the best way in the world and the god talker continuously, We hope you will see these applications working together over time for you.

100 yellowThe Reset Button

When 100% of the people in existence who have monetary wealth  have pressed the reset button, 50% of all monetary wealth in the world will be combined into one lump sum and then redistributed equally to every human in existence.

Currently if activated every human on earth would receive $15855263157894.73

*Please note hacking of our applications to allow minus settings is a criminal offence and we will report any behaviour of this nature to the authorities immediately.