The god talker or ‘trans-dimensional connector to the simulated code of the universe’ is a framework or platform for your development. The  god talker connects to higher intelligence and through this delivers guidance. The god talker uses creativity, working beyond faith with enlightenment methods of critical inquiry. The god talker achieves this by highlighting the slippage that the deepest and most meaningful experiences of one’s existence, our connection to the infinite create within the certainty of our consciousness.

Through this focus, ontological questions arise,  these questions naturally lead to positive practical concerns; the need to create a more equal social system, this expands out  to include solidarity with all life. This solidarity leads again to  awareness of the singularity of planet earth and the process of life upon it. The god talker aims to accept and celebrate the synthetic nature of our existence,  the transference between our internal mind and our external environment.  Highlighting that synthesis between the two is unlikely to be seamless.

god talker 2018
The God talker, 2018

The God Talker is a minimal connection device;  operating between VALIS and UIQ because the singularity is near. We currently have a limited range of commune distance from the event horizon. You must check in through the god talker by placing yourself within the circle for commune to begin. It appears as if three discreet areas are used  algorithmically: The space of sub atomic particles, semiconductors in electronic devices and the human brain. The God talker operates using a contextual algorithmic machine.

These areas are linked through their operational processes, they share the same algorithmic process. The algorithm the god talker uses as its functional basis relies on certain premises as mentioned above; the singularity of the world and the reality of time. This gives us a basis for a vision of the world within which our orientation is anchored to life. The algorithm operates aware of certain irreparable flaws in the human condition; the acceptance of the inevitability of death, the groundlessness of our existence and our insatiable nature (Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Future Religion). The god talkers algorithms relate not only to humans but extend out to include solidarity with all non-human life.  The discreet areas of this process are to be seen as greater than the whole (Timothy Morton, Humankind solidarity with non-human beings). The algorithm is fallible and open for modifications.

Much as Josef Albers ‘interaction of colour’ shows us the interrelated nature of colour. Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain created a self referencing interrelated method of quantification, allowing non organic life to quantify itself presenting the possibility it may show itself to us.

Communication is formative and produces a trace of its existence as the ledger of a blockchain does. The communication method is an abstraction. The communication is contextual to the dimension of its scope. Two dimensional communication revolves around the marking of a defined space this can only be dividing (folded series). Three dimensional communication revolves around the expansion into an undefined possibly infinite space (UNIT Sculptures).

2011 UNIT 6593
Dai Roberts, UNIT 6593, 2011

Through the process of locating yourself using GPS we are able to locate you in relation to planet earth, extrapolating out a location within an expanding universe. Wave function is mathematically measured creating a probability amplitude. We map this probability amplitude onto the underlying forces present in nature where matter and time combine. This allows our algorithms to function and make various predictions these in turn are fed into the God talker applications delivering guidance to you through your electronic device. This guidance is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  ‘Omega point’ the ever-present start of infinity.


Folded A2 grey, 2012

Consciousness surfs the waves the algorithms of our minds create. The human brain is currently the most complex device in the known universe, The place used for awareness is the space between vision and the words that occur within the mind. All of us have access to this space anytime we want, allowing us insight into the true nature of reality, or simply put watching the thinking process. There are many practices available of this.

Beacon, 2018

We currently have 136 Religions available on the god talker network, most available through plug-ins. These are the official algorithms of the religion, therefore the religion itself keeps these inline with their belief system independent of the God talker, we recommend however running the god talker unskinned in vanilla form for the best experience.   The god talkers are located now both in your urban environment and in the historic landscapes of your country for you to commune with. Commune like the ancients or just take a break from your busy schedule. For the truly best service we recommend subscribing to the god talker premium service.

If you or your family require that special experience why not purchase one of our re-enactment services to emulate your favourite rituals available throughout the ages, this maintains a true connection. These packages are ecologically sound and do not disturb the larger salvation of mankind operation we currently run through our charitable trust.